Developer Roles of DVNC

Welcome all, from far lands and nearby nomads, to DVNC’s Village – the virtual gathering area where teams develop video games, VR projects, branding kits, and more. Our door has opened on its squeaky clean hinges! Now we beckon curious eyes. From behind the scenes, DVNC creatives are building an assortment of assets. There’s plenty for each digital experience, and in this post we’ll be introducing the different developer roles in the Village who focus on branding and game development.

Now that the gates have opened, let’s get to know the various design teams making the magic happen!

Developer: Masters of the Written Word

Monochrome RPG
Our hero Otto in the world at large!

The Monochrome RPG is a videogame set in a monochrome world stylized with 1920’s tube animation. It tells the story of Otto and its quest for making it big in Talent Town. The origins of Otto, the reasons behind Mayor Lestache’s schemes, and the central narrative all come to punny life from the Masters of the Written Word.

Our narrative experience is ironed out by talented writers with imaginative ideas. Someone’s gotta give players a reason to do bouts against bullying honey bees.

So, what’s in the makings? The end of the main quest narrative is getting polished. And minor extra details are receiving final tweaks. That way Otto and Co.’s story ends on an appropriately strong note.

Project Rosette

Our other videogame project is Project Rosette. Romeo and Julien – an aspiring hero trying to get to leave home and a lonely Princess who’s worlds meet. In the realm of Rosette writing, script writers continue to develop an opening tutorial level. Some levels need additional worldbuilding written, which is all in the pipeline. Information cementing all the little details players find. Perhaps a few eyes will pick up on those during early access.

Content Writing

To inform our sensational audience members, we have content to publish. Through implementing high ranking SEO phrasing and blog strategies, writers explore insights from developers. In addition, they create thematic content inspired by our digital projects. You will see more of this coming, like a children’s story blog about the Village.

Developer: Artist’s Avenue

Animators for Monochrome RPG

These talented animators are developing all shorts of shape-shifting items. Along Animators Avenue in Monochrome, this team works on a character’s animation to expand and contract correctly. When this character takes his shadow form, he shifts into an object resembling an Among Us character and a teardrop. Hand drawn animation is at the core of Monochrome’s game development.

Gazer’s shadow form. Animation seems simple but there’s always more than meets the eye.

Down the Village road, a few final facets of assets are being animated for Greyshade Valley. Final animations for Monochrome RPG Episode 1 are being polished. The finish line is closing in! On the flip side, Project Rosett art is flowing through the pipeline.

DVNC Village

As the DVNC Village expands and makes itself anew, graphic asset work abounds for our art team. We’ll introduce what’s in-store for the art direction for each of DVNC’s pillars of branding for another day, but check out this colorful cast of characters! Branding never has to feel dull with these guys around. If you have an affinity for mushrooms and monsters, even better!

Meet the DVNC Village team in mushroom form!
Monsters in the office of all shapes and sizes (and needs for coffee)
Rosette’s royal heroine, Julien

Developer: Musicians Mezzanine

Without appropriate sounds, the digital experiences DVNC makes would not be immersive. No rapid violin notes for action moments. Or jingles for marketing animations. DVNC’s audio techs are the auditory heart of our work. For example, a Village Theme song is in the works! We also compose tracks and audio editing. If you need special sound design, or a podcast needing recording and mixing, reach out to the talented folks at DVNC Tech.

The bulk of the sounds being composed are for Project Rosett. If not that, for weekend-long game jams. One such jam took place this fall – Ludum Dare. The challenge? Creating a game on a weekend. One of our masterful musicians – Matt McDermott – composed the main theme for an untitled, desert-based game. Because of his talents, our work really feels alive! Listen below: 

It rings with his unique combination of swoop music mixed with classical video game scores.

Marketing and Branding for Business Strategies

DVNC Tech also designs blog strategies for partnered businesses. For digital creatives seeking entry-level experience, it’s a great opportunity. As long as animated cars do not freeze mid-frame. Gosh! That pile-up would be worse than Monochrome traffic during rush hour. Here’s what the Village Process is:

  1. The client pays the creatives of the Village for art assets, marketing and branding help, and game development.
  2. Once accepted, the Village offers that work to the developers in our community. 
  3. We submit completed projects. We get paid for our work and the client walks away with high quality deliverables of art, music, and writing.

Check out our 101 Branding blog post for some tips! Then, after that, stay tuned for our “Branding Step” blog series.

Down the Village Road

Other parts of DVNC’s projects remain early in development. Like several revolving doors, creatives go in with project details one way, then exit with a finished asset. We will provide updates to those down the Village road this year. 

Subscribe for more updates! We would not be here sharing these entertaining exhibits if it were not for each developer teams’ efforts and the many partnerships we have the pleasure of helping in branding and game development. Here at DVNC, we look forward to what you – newcomers to the Village Gates – think of our digital content and videogames.

-It Takes A Village

Written by: Matthew Birdzell